Do I need the lighting system package?

The brighter the lighting condition, the sharper the images. The system works well during the day with typical outdoor lights but images may appear dark and grainy at night time if your service lane does not have well lit lighting system. Our lighting system is fully integrated with the cameras so there is no “flickering effect”. Built-in sensors only turns on the lights when necessary. The lighting system package can always be added to the base system at a later date.

Where is the best placement of BODYGUARD?

We recommend cameras to be installed at entrance or at exit of your service drive. Strategically install BODYGUARD at the first point of entrance to capture accurately the condition of the vehicle as they enter your premise. For added verification, place a system to capture the condition of the vehicle just before the vehicle is returned to the customer. This allows you to capture the vehicle’s condition in and condition out.

How difficult is the installation?

Bodyguard installation It is no more difficult than installing a typical surveillance camera system. Our distributors offer installation service, or you can buy direct and have your own electrician install it. System is designed to bolt mount on the floor. Wall mounting brackets are available if floor mounting is not an option.

Where is it available?

BODYGUARD is available world-wide for shipping. We are ready to talk: Email Us: sales@banalogic.com Chat With us: On this website we are available to chat 8am - 4pm EST Phone: +1 (866) 853-6320 #1 Call us for reseller/distribution opportunties See some of our distibution partners: Everard (UK) CARPART (Sweden)