FAQ for New Users

The following are some frequently asked questions we have compiled to help you out.

Can I get training on using BODYGUARD?

Of course! Reach out to our team and we can setup a Microsoft Teams session to walk through with your team.

Vehicles are not showing up with plates, why is this?

The system will use front and rear plate images to determine if it can identify the plate. Sometimes plates cannot be read if:

  • Plate cover is tinted or excessively dirty

  • The vehicle does not pull all the way through the towers for the camera to be able to see the plate (in event the rear images are used for detection)

  • Vehicles driven in the opposite direction will be captured but no license plate

In the portal, you are able to manually update the plate on the vehicle, the system provides for the ability to search for all vehicles during a specific time.  Vehicles where the plate cannot be read show up as “NO PLATE”.  If you feel you have scenarios outside the reasons identified above, please contact our support team and we can help investigate the possible cause.

How long are images stored?

Images are stored for 1 year.  After 30 days images may be moved to longer term storage but still readily accessible.

What if the lights are not turning on?

Please contact our support team to have them investigate.  In the meantime, please assume that the system is not recording vehicles coming in.

What is the "Cloud Fee"?

While you have physical equipment for BODYGUARD on site, towers, and a small server box, all the heavy lifting and image storage is done in the cloud.  The cloud fee represents the cost of this processing and storage.

Cloud fees are monthly and start 90 days after product activation. This is setup at the time of purchasing using recurring billing through ACH or Credit card.


If your account is in default the system will continue to operate and collect images for a period of 90 days, however access to the web portal will be suspended until the balance has been cleared.

What is the warranty?

Our system includes 1-year parts/labor against any product defects. Our labor warranty does not cover internal issues such as networking or power issues unrelated to our BODYGUARD towers.  For networking/power related issues our team will work with your local team to rule out external issues prior to sending our service personnel.